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Please help us find a home for these lost Bibles . . . . .


Meaghan Till from Tom & Pan Till---KJV, white with dictionary & study helps
Hal Baker from Karan (anniversary)---NIV, maroon
Terry Wood from wife Susan---KJV, black
Melody Farris from Johnny---NIV, dark blue
Phyllis Agerton Thompson from Don & Betty Agerton---KJV, black
Madalynn K. Anderson---NKJV, maroon with snap case
Jerry Coleman Branton, wife Tamilyn Dawn Tate---KJV, blue
Anthony Ross Hester from Mom & Dad---NKJV, blue or black
Amy Casteel---NCV, green
Emily Rose Davis from Mom & Dad---NIV, maroon
Tyrone C. Perkins, Pelham Ala ---NIV, Ryrie Study Bible, maroon
Teresa Young---KJV, black
Tami Myers---NIV, small blue with snap case
Linda Erwin, parents Douglas & Linda Ruth Erwin---KJV, black
Mark Fry---NIV, maroon
Anne Marie Gafford, Walnut St C of C---NKJV, red
Luyuana Brasfield, Jasper, AL---KJV, black
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