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Santa Clara, November 30th, 2017



From: The Villa Clara and Santi Spiritus Church of Christ

To: The Gulf Shores Church of Christ



Beloved brothers in Christ, we would like to express in this letter our gratitude to the Gulf Shores Church of Christ, for the love they show, their generosity and for being with us in all the moments of need and difficulties that we faced during the pass of the huracain Irma through our province, which resulted as one of the most affected ones in the country. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Thanks to you, the brothers got to adquire all the materials needed to repair their houses. Many of these brothers lost their homes and goods, but their faith in the Lord never diminished and we knew that the Lord would be with us through you and your generosity.


We also want to thank you for allowing the missionaries Frank, Ray and Sarah to come and visit us. They are brothers that prove the love they feel for the work and they encourage us with their messages and their precence. When they leave for their homes, we are left with such a void that is only filled with the hope of seeing them again son. We would also like to receive the visit of other brothers along with the presence of Frank, Ray and Sarah, but if it isn’t possible; we want them to know that in this little island there are brothers that love them very much, that maybe we don’t get to see their faces but they are in our prayers and our hearts. 




Reciban un fuerte abrazo de todos los hermanos de Villa Clara y de Santi Spiritus, los amamos, que el Señor los bendiga, Amen.

Receive a strong hug from all the brothers from Santa Clara and Santi Spiritus, we love you, may the Lord bless you(may the lord bless america…personal note, lol), Amen



In Jesus Christ

Noel Silverio Pacheco


Evangelist from the Gulf Shores of Christ in Cuba.

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Summary of the Cuban Work

The Republic of Cuba has 15 provinces, 169 municipalities and several hundred cities.  The mission work, provided by the Gulf Shores church of Christ, focuses on the Villa Clara province.  However, in recent years we have expanded that work into Cienfuegos, Matanzas, and Sancti Spiritus.  The latter province is growing rapidly!  We have been committed to human missions for nearly 20 years.  It is our prayer that this mission will continue to grow and that the gospel of Jesus Christ will spread all around the island of Cuba.  To God be the glory!

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