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Summer Series: "Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit"


05.31.17 Fruit of the Spirit Intro -Ray Reynolds

06.07.17 Avoid the Works of the Flesh - Eric Gray (Mobile, AL)  Audio : Video

06.14.17 How to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit - Ben Hayes  Audio : Video

06.28.17 Bearing the Fruit of Peace - Chuck South (Summerdale, AL) Audio : Video

07.05.17 Bearing the Fruit of Love; Joy - Ray Reynolds (Gulf Shores, AL) Audio ; Video

07.12.17 Bearing the Fruit of Patience - Philip Goad (Russellville, AL) Audio : Video

07.19.17 Bearing the Fruit of Kindness - Philip Bradley (Guntersville, AL) Audio : Video

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