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 YouthTITUS CampTITUS Camp Rules   




(1) Proper Behavior

            We expect all campers to display Christ-like behavior.

            No fighting, arguing, pranks, rough housing, or unnecessary horseplay.

            We will not tolerate bullies at TITUS Camp!

(2) Proper Attitude

            We expect all campers to have a positive attitude.

            All campers are encouraged to act in a mature manner.

(3) Proper Speech

            We will not tolerate any cursing or suggestive speech at any time.

            You will season your speech with love and grace.

(4) Respect

            You must have respect for the camp leadership and other campers.

            Remember to be courteous (i.e. Yes, Maam or Yes, Sir).

(5) Activities

            When we leave the campus you must stay with the group.

            Do not wonder off and do not go anywhere on your own.

(6) Only Supervised Gender Mixing

            Do not go off alone with another camper of the opposite gender.

            No excessive hugging, holding hands, or arms around each other.

            Absolutely no kissing! PDA can lead to your dismissal.

            Girls are never allowed in the boys sleeping areas.

            Boys are never allowed in the girls sleeping areas.

(7) Work Detail

            All campers will help to serve the meals (consider the schedule).

            There will be assigned chores (i.e. clean-up bathrooms, chapel, etc.).

(8) Weapons

            No weapons are allowed at camp. Period.

            Any knives, guns, stun guns, or other weapons will lead to your dismissal.




(1) Wake-Up

You will get up at 7:00 AM each morning with a smile!

You will be at “Manna in the Morning” on time each day.

(2) Schedule/Time

            Make sure that you are early or on time for each class and activity.

            Familiarize yourself with the schedule.

            If you are repeatedly late you will be disciplined or sent home.

(3) Breaks

            We will give you several breaks throughout the day.

            Do not ask to be dismissed from a class unless it is an emergency.

(4) Teachers

            You will show respect to the staff and the teachers especially.

            They have donated their time and talents to this camp.



(1) Bed

            Please make your bed and clean up your area each day.

            If you refuse to keep a neat area you will have additional chores.

(2) Personal Items

            Keep all of your personal items in your suitcase and stored away.

            Do not touch another person’s belongings for any reason.

(3) Hygiene/Cleanliness

            You are required to take a shower and brush your teeth everyday.

            If you need soap or shampoo arrangements can be made.

            Your hair must be combed, or brushed, and neatly styled.                

(4) On-Campus

            You must stay on campus unless we are going in vans to a group activity.

            Do not ever leave the campus during the camp (counselors too).

            You need to respect the buildings and keep them clean at all times.

(5) Bathrooms

            Bathrooms in the activity building will be temporarily marked for our use.

            You may use those showers from 6:00-7:30 AM and 9:30-11:00 PM.

            Do not leave these bathrooms a mess, please clean them up.

            Pick up your toiletry items and place your towels on your bed or hang up.

            No pranks in the bathrooms or showers!

(6) Sleeping

            Go to bed on time. – Lights out at 10:00 or 11:00 PM!!!

            If you are tired you will not perform well or enjoy the camp.

            Do not bother or pester one another while sleeping.

(7) Personal Space

            Space is limited, but each person will be given a designated area.

            Be considerate of one another. Let them sleep!

(8) Dorm Inspection

            Each morning the counselors will be inspecting the dorm rooms.

            The worst living area clean the kitchen after each meal that day.



(1) Professionalism

            Students must wear khakis and/or dress slacks and collared shirts on campus.

            Girls must follow the "credit card" strap rule if they wear dresses or blouses. 

            Coats/ties are strongly encouraged for the guys on Sunday morning.

            Your counselors will help you if you have a question about the dress code.

            Your counselors will be watching your dress and may ask you to change.

(2) Modesty

            When we leave on activities you may wear knee length shorts.

            Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times. – No exceptions

(3) Content on Clothing

            Do not wear clothing with logos or advertising for tobacco and/or alcohol.

            Any clothing with negative or suggestive language will be confiscated.

(4) Activities

            Campers are allowed to dress casual for all activities.

            Jeans and slacks are encouraged, but not required, for public activities.

(5) Jewelry

            Please do not wear necklaces, bracelets, or ear-rings in the pulpit (Guys)

            Exceptions will be made if bracelets are for emergency usage.



(1) Director’s Privilege

            All rules are subject to change.

            If you have any problems or any questions see one of the directors.

(2) Cell Phones

            Cell phones must be turned off and placed in your suitcase.

            Do not call anyone at anytime without permission from the leadership.

            Any calls made on campus must be with a calling card or phone card.

            You may only call home each evening to check in with your parents.

            There will be a set time for those calls (usually 9-10 PM).

            If you have an emergency, or urgent necessity, please notify a counselor.

(3) Off Limits

            Please stay away from all the stoves in the cafeteria.

            Please do not play with the fire extinguishers.

            Please do not tamper with the thermostats or the sound equipment.

            Please do not get into suitcases or bags that do not belong to you.

            Please do not enter any class rooms or offices unless you are supervised.

            Please do not ask the director to change any of these rules.

(4) Visitors

            We want to avoid having “pop-in” visitors during the camp session.

            Family and alumni will be invited to the Talent Show and graduation.

            Please do not invite people to camp while we are in session.

(5) Food

            In an effort to be healthier we will have salad available at lunch and dinner.

            We will also have fresh fruit available at each meal time.

            Cereal is always an alternative for breakfast.

            Peanut butter and jelly will be an alternative for lunch and dinner.

(6) Discipline

            If anyone violates the rules it can result in your immediate dismissal.

            Please do not put us in a position to send you home.

            We do not want to have to send anyone home from camp.

(7) Fun

            You will have fun!






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